Standard Time by Mark Formanek

Standard Time by Mark Formanek (Thank you noelia for the information)

>> via Lara Van Dievoet >> This link isn’t working anymore, the clock is back there :


6 thoughts on “Standard Time by Mark Formanek

  1. I watched the construction of the clock a few times today but the footage (either video or livestream) has disappeared by now (16.57 GMT) . The website is now playing a video-clip. I hope the construction workers will return tomorrow morning.

  2. Yes I just saw that, it’s a shame, let’s hope the beautiful clock will come back soon.

  3. Thank you, noelia, for that link! Three years ago the same artist, Mark Formanek, did construct a clock in Rotterdam: .
    The clocks also reminded me of the work of Dutch artist Maarten Baas. He made a movie called “sweepers clock” in which some people are making the hands of a clock, by sweeping garbage all day long. See

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